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(1)Being kind cangratifyyou.

(2)Being loved cangratifyyou.

(3)Being happy cangratifyyou.

(4)Being brave cangratifyyou.

(5)Being honest cangratifyyou.

(6)Being content cangratifyyou.

(7)Being helpful cangratifyyou.

(8)Being patient cangratifyyou.

(9)Being curious cangratifyyou.

(10)Being grateful cangratifyyou.

Sentence For "Gratify"

(11)Helping others cangratifyyou.

(12)Reading a book cangratifyyou.

(13)Being generous cangratifyyou.

(14)Being creative cangratifyyou.

(15)Winning a prize cangratifyyou.

(16)Making progress cangratifyyou.

(17)Being confident cangratifyyou.

(18)Receiving a gift cangratifyyou.

(19)Being successful cangratifyyou.

(20)Being respectful cangratifyyou.

"Gratify" In A Sentence

(21)Seeing a rainbow cangratifyyou.

(22)Watching a movie cangratifyyou.

(23)Being determined cangratifyyou.

(24)I hope this gift willgratifyyou.

(25)Giving a gift cangratifysomeone.

(26)Being appreciated cangratifyyou.

(27)Being responsible cangratifyyou.

(28)Finishing a puzzle cangratifyyou.

(29)Reading a good book cangratifyyou.

(30)Hearing a good song cangratifyyou.

"Gratify" Sentence

(31)Accomplishing a goal cangratifyyou.

(32)Playing with friends cangratifyyou.

(33)Learning a new skill cangratifyyou.

(34)Making someone smile cangratifyyou.

(35)Being kind to others cangratifyyou.

(36)Helping your parents cangratifyyou.

(37)Helping others cangratifyyour soul.

(38)It willgratifyme to see you succeed.

(39)Giving a hug cangratifysomeone's day.

(40)Receiving a compliment cangratifyyou.

(Video) gratify - 9 verbs which are synonyms of gratify (sentence examples)

"Gratify" Sentence Examples

(41)Being proud of yourself cangratifyyou.

(42)The toy willgratifyyour desire for fun.

(43)The good grade willgratifyyour hard work.

(44)Receiving a compliment cangratifysomeone.

(45)The ice cream willgratifyyour sweet tooth.

(46)The delicious meal willgratifyyour hunger.

(47)Saying sorry cangratifysomeone's feelings.

(48)Doing well in a competition cangratifyyou.

(49)Creating art cangratifyyour creative side.

(50)Saying please cangratifysomeone's feelings.

Sentence With "Gratify"

(51)The praise from your teacher willgratifyyou.

(52)The new book willgratifyyour love of reading.

(53)Getting a good grade on a test cangratifyyou.

(54)I willgratifyyour request for a piece of cake.

(55)Sharing my snack with a friend cangratifythem.

(56)Eating a delicious meal cangratifyyour hunger.

(57)The warm sun willgratifyyour desire for warmth.

(58)Saying kind words cangratifysomeone's feelings.

(59)Listening to music cangratifyyour love for art.

(60)The new house willgratifyyour desire for a home.

Use "Gratify" In A Sentence

(61)The new job willgratifyyour desire for a career.

(62)Helping your parents with chores cangratifythem.

(63)Getting a promotion cangratifyyour career goals.

(64)Playing a sport cangratifyyour competitive side.

(65)Watching a play cangratifyyour love for theater.

(66)The new dress willgratifyyour desire for fashion.

(67)The new shoes willgratifyyour desire for comfort.

(68)It's important to say thank you togratifysomeone.

(69)Receiving compliments cangratifyyour self-esteem.

(70)Planting a garden cangratifyyour love for nature.

Sentence Using "Gratify"

(71)The new bike willgratifyyour desire for adventure.

(72)Being recognized for your hard work cangratifyyou.

(73)Completing a workout cangratifyyour fitness goals.

(74)The compliment willgratifyyour need for validation.

(75)The new vacation willgratifyyour desire for travel.

(76)Winning the game willgratifyyour competitive spirit.

(77)The new phone willgratifyyour desire for technology.

(78)The beautiful scenery willgratifyyour love of nature.

(79)The new pet willgratifyyour desire for companionship.

(80)The new language willgratifyyour desire for learning.

Sentences With "Gratify"

(81)Writing a story cangratifyyour love for storytelling.

(82)The kind words willgratifyyour need for encouragement.

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(83)The new car willgratifyyour desire for transportation.

(84)Cooking a delicious meal cangratifyyour love for food.

(85)Donating to charity cangratifyyour desire to give back.

(86)Reading a good book cangratifyyour love for literature.

(87)Watching a movie cangratifyyour need for entertainment.

(88)Solving a puzzle cangratifyyour problem-solving skills.

(89)Attending a concert cangratifyyour love for live music.

(90)The new art supplies willgratifyyour love of creativity.

Sentence Of "Gratify"

(91)The new hobby willgratifyyour desire for a new interest.

(92)Volunteering cangratifyyour desire to make a difference.

(93)Building something cangratifyyour love for DIY projects.

(94)The new skill willgratifyyour desire for personal growth.

(95)Taking a relaxing bath cangratifyyour need for self-care.

(96)I always try togratifymy parents by doing well in school.

(97)Traveling to new places cangratifyyour sense of adventure.

(98)Getting a good night's sleep cangratifyyour need for rest.

(99)The college's resourcesgratifymy need for academic support.

(100)The new video game willgratifyyour desire for entertainment.

"Gratify" Sentences

(101)The new friend willgratifyyour desire for social interaction.

(102)Achieving financial stability cangratifyyour financial goals.

(103)I am confident that this course willgratifymy academic goals.

(104)Winning the championship game willgratifythe team's hard work.

(105)The successful project willgratifyyour sense of accomplishment.

(106)Learning a new skill cangratifyyour desire for personal growth.

(107)Spending time with loved ones cangratifyyour need for connection.

(108)The college's scholarship opportunitiesgratifymy financial needs.

(109)The chef's culinary skillsgratifyeven the most discerning palates.

(110)The professor's lecture was able togratifymy thirst for knowledge.

"Gratify" Use In Sentence

(111)Accomplishing a difficult task cangratifyyour sense of achievement.

(112)The student's academic achievementsgratifyher parents and teachers.

(113)Taking a road trip cangratifyyour sense of adventure and exploration.

(114)The artist's unique perspective and creativitygratifyart enthusiasts.

(115)I hope this class willgratifymy desire to learn more about the subject.

(116)I am hoping togratifymy passion for music by joining the college choir.

(117)I am hoping togratifymy parents' expectations by graduating with honors.

(118)Learning a new language cangratifyyour desire for cultural understanding.

(119)I am hoping togratifymy artistic talents by joining the college art club.

(120)I am grateful for the opportunity togratifymy curiosity about this topic.

Sentence On "Gratify"

(121)The chef was able togratifythe customer's request for a gluten-free meal.

(122)The charity organization was able togratifythe needs of many families in need.

(123)She worked hard togratifyher boss's demands, yet she still felt unappreciated.

(124)The chef worked tirelessly togratifythe taste buds of his discerning customers.

(Video) gratify - pronunciation + Examples in sentences and phrases

(125)Although I would love togratifyyour request, I simply cannot do so at this time.

(126)I am grateful for the scholarship that willgratifymy financial needs for college.

(127)The college's extracurricular activitiesgratifymy interests outside of academics.

(128)I am confident that the college's career services willgratifymy job search needs.

(129)The college's study abroad programsgratifymy desire for international experience.

(130)The athlete trained tirelessly in order togratifyhis coach's expectations of him.

"Gratify" Example

(131)The chance to participate in a research project wouldgratifymy academic curiosity.

(132)The opportunity to attend a prestigious university wouldgratifymy academic ambitions.

(133)I am grateful for the college's efforts togratifythe mental health needs of students.

(134)Despite his best efforts, the artist was unable togratifyhis vision for the painting.

(135)In order togratifyher need for control, she micromanaged every aspect of the project.

(136)The chef aimed togratifyhis customers' taste buds with his new menu, and he succeeded.

(137)Despite his best efforts, the artist was unable togratifythe expectations of his fans.

(138)The author's latest book was designed togratifythe interests of his most devoted fans.

(139)The athlete trained tirelessly in order togratifyhis dream of winning an Olympic medal.

(140)The author's goal was togratifyher readers by crafting a compelling and engaging story.

"Gratify" In Sentence

(141)She worked hard all week, so she decided to treat herself to a spa day togratifyherself.

(142)I am grateful for the college's efforts togratifythe needs of students with disabilities.

(143)The artist wanted togratifyhis fans with a new album, but he struggled with writer's block.

(144)The opportunity to study abroad wouldgratifymy desire to travel and experience new cultures.

(145)The politician promised togratifythe needs of his constituents by implementing new policies.

(146)She wanted togratifyher curiosity about the world, so she enrolled in a study abroad program.

(147)He tried togratifyhis boss's request for a report, but he encountered technical difficulties.

(148)In order togratifyher need for attention, the actress took on increasingly provocative roles.

(149)He wanted togratifyhis desire for adventure by traveling the world, but he couldn't afford it.

(150)I am grateful for the chance togratifymy athletic abilities by joining the college sports team.

"Gratify" Sentences In English

(151)She aimed togratifyher husband's desire for a clean house, so she spent the whole day cleaning.

(152)I am excited togratifymy passion for community service through the college's volunteer programs.

(153)The athlete trained hard togratifyhis coach's expectations, and he eventually became a champion.

(154)Although it may notgratifyyour immediate desires, saving money now will pay off in the long run.

(155)The company's decision togratifyits employees with a generous bonus was met with great enthusiasm.

(156)The chance to attend a leadership conference wouldgratifymy desire to develop my leadership skills.

(157)She tried togratifyher parents' expectations by becoming a doctor, but her true passion was in art.

(158)Although it may notgratifyyour ego, admitting your mistakes is an important part of personal growth.

(159)The company's decision togratifyits shareholders with a dividend payout was met with mixed reactions.

(160)If you want togratifyyour curiosity about the world, you should consider pursuing a career in science.

Make Sentence With "Gratify"

(161)I love togratifymy sweet tooth with a slice of cake, but I also know the importance of a balanced diet.

(162)He hoped togratifyhis girlfriend's wish for a romantic getaway, so he planned a surprise trip to Paris.

(163)If you want togratifyyour desire for adventure, you should consider taking a trip to a foreign country.

(164)The chance to present my research at a conference wouldgratifymy desire to share my findings with others.

(165)The company's decision togratifytheir shareholders with a dividend payment was met with great enthusiasm.

(166)The musician's goal was togratifyhis fans by creating music that spoke to their emotions and experiences.

(Video) How to pronounce GRATIFY | Meaning of GRATIFY and usage (with examples).

(167)Despite the challenges, the team was able togratifytheir coach's expectations by winning the championship.

(168)The opportunity to participate in a study abroad program wouldgratifymy desire to improve my language skills.

(169)The politician promised togratifythe demands of his constituents by passing legislation that would benefit them.

(170)If you want togratifyyour curiosity about the world, you should consider pursuing a career in science or research.

Sentences Using "Gratify"

(171)The opportunity to attend a prestigious conference wouldgratifymy desire to network with professionals in my field.

(172)She tried togratifyher friend's request for a favor, but she was already overwhelmed with her own responsibilities.

(173)Despite the challenges he faced, the entrepreneur was determined togratifyhis ambition and build a successful business.

(174)The chef was able togratifyboth the meat-eaters and the vegetarians at the dinner party by preparing a variety of dishes.

(175)She wanted togratifyher parents' expectations by becoming a doctor, but she soon realized that her true passion was in the arts.

(176)Although I was exhausted, I knew that finishing the project wouldgratifyme, and so I pushed through the fatigue and completed it.

(177)The politician promised togratifyhis constituents' needs by implementing new policies, but he faced opposition from his opponents.

(178)In order togratifyhis need for control, he micromanaged every aspect of his team's project, which ultimately led to their failure.

(179)She knew that she couldn'tgratifyeveryone's expectations for her, so she decided to focus on her own goals and aspirations instead.

(180)Although it may be tempting togratifyyour immediate desires, it is important to consider the long-term consequences of your actions.

Sentence From "Gratify"

(181)The musician's latest album was designed togratifythe diverse tastes of his fans, with a mix of upbeat pop songs and soulful ballads.

(182)Despite her busy schedule, she always found time togratifyher passion for painting, and it brought her a sense of peace and fulfillment.

(183)Despite the risks, he decided togratifyhis curiosity by exploring the abandoned building, and he ended up discovering a hidden treasure.

(184)He hoped togratifyhis parents' expectations by following in their footsteps and becoming a lawyer, but he realized it wasn't his passion.

(185)He tried togratifyhis boss's demands for perfection, but he soon realized that it was impossible to please her no matter how hard he worked.

(186)She tried togratifyher husband's demands for attention, but she soon realized that it was impossible to keep up with his constant neediness.

(187)Although he knew it was wrong, he couldn't resist the urge togratifyhis desire for revenge by sabotaging his ex-girlfriend's new relationship.

(188)Although it may be difficult togratifyeveryone's needs and desires, it is important to strive for fairness and equality in all aspects of life.

(189)He was determined togratifyhis desire for adventure by embarking on a solo backpacking trip through the wilderness, but he knew it would be risky.

(190)Despite his best efforts togratifyhis boss's demands for perfection, he still found himself falling short of her expectations and feeling frustrated.

(191)Although he had promised to stay sober, he couldn't resist the temptation togratifyhis addiction to alcohol, and he ended up regretting it the next day.

(192)She felt a sense of satisfaction when she was able togratifyher customers' needs and exceed their expectations, which helped her build a loyal following.

(193)The teacher worked hard togratifythe intellectual curiosity of her students by providing them with challenging assignments and thought-provoking discussions.

(194)She hoped that her hard work and dedication wouldgratifyher parents' expectations for her success, but she also knew that their love for her was unconditional.

(195)He promised togratifyher desire for adventure by taking her on a thrilling trip to the Amazon rainforest, but only if she agreed to go skydiving with him first.

(196)Although he tried togratifyhis wife's desire for a luxurious lifestyle, he soon realized that money couldn't buy happiness and that true love was more important.

(197)Although he was initially hesitant togratifyhis friend's request for a loan, he eventually agreed to help him out, but only if he promised to pay him back on time.

(198)Despite the warnings, he decided togratifyhis sense of adventure by going on a dangerous expedition to the top of the mountain, and he narrowly escaped with his life.

(199)Although she knew it was unhealthy, she couldn't resist the urge togratifyher sweet tooth with a slice of chocolate cake, and she ended up feeling guilty about it later.

(200)Despite the risks involved, he decided togratifyhis sense of adventure by embarking on a solo trek across the Sahara desert, which proved to be a life-changing experience.

Learning English Faster Through Complete Sentences With "Gratify"

Sentences are everywhere.
Without sentences, language doesn’t really work.

When you first started learning English, you may have memorized words such asEnglish meaning of the word "Gratify"; But now that you have a better understanding of the language, there’s a better way for you tolearn meaning of "Gratify" through sentence examples.

True, there are still words that you don’t know. But if you learnwhole sentences with "Gratify", instead of the word "Gratify" by itself, you can learn a lot faster!

Focus Your English Learning On Sentences With "Gratify".

Why Is Focusing on Sentences Important?
Sentences are more than just strings of words. They’re thoughts, ideas and stories. Just like letters build words, words build sentences. Sentences build language, and give it personality.

Again, without sentences, there’s no real communication. If you were only reading words right now, you wouldn’t be able to understand what I’m saying to you at all.

- The Word "Gratify" in Example Sentences.
- "Gratify" in a sentence.
- How to use "Gratify" in a sentence.
- 10 examples of sentences "Gratify".
- 20 examples of simple sentences "Gratify".

All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). The subject is the person or thing that does something or that is described in the sentence. The verb is the action the person or thing takes or the description of the person or thing. If a sentence doesn’t have a subject and a verb, it is not a complete sentence (e.g., In the sentence “Went to bed,” we don’t know who went to bed).

Four Types Of Sentence Structure.

Simple Sentences With "Gratify"

A simple sentence with "Gratify"contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. However, it contains only one independent clause.

(Video) How to pronounce GRATIFY | Meaning of GRATIFY and usage (with examples).

Compound Sentences With "Gratify"

A compound sentence with "Gratify"contains at least two independent clauses. These two independent clauses can be combined with a comma and a coordinating conjunction or with a semicolon.

Complex Sentences With "Gratify"

A complex sentence with "Gratify"contains at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Dependent clauses can refer to the subject (who, which) the sequence/time (since, while), or the causal elements (because, if) of the independent clause.

Compound-Complex Sentences With "Gratify"

Sentence types can also be combined. Acompound-complex sentence with "Gratify"contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause.


What is a good sentence for gratify? ›

A guilty verdict would gratify the victim's relatives. He's only concerned with gratifying his own desires.

How do you use gratify? ›

  1. 1(formal) to please or satisfy someone it gratifies somebody to do something It gratified him to think that it was all his work. gratify somebody I was gratified by their invitation. Definitions on the go. ...
  2. gratify something (formal) to satisfy a wish, need, etc. He only gave his consent in order to gratify her wishes.

What is another word for please or gratify? ›


1 please, delight, gladden.

What is a good sentence for answer? ›

Verb She answered all my questions. He answered only three of the test questions correctly. When the police asked him his name, he refused to answer. When I ask you a question I expect you to answer me!

What is a sentence 5 examples? ›

Sentences: Simple, Compound, and Complex
  • Joe waited for the train. "Joe" = subject, "waited" = verb.
  • The train was late. ...
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus. ...
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. ...
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

What is gratify simple? ›

: giving pleasure or satisfaction : pleasing.

What is the meaning of I am gratify? ›

/ˈɡræt̬.ə.faɪ/ to please someone, or to satisfy a wish or need: We were gratified by the response to our appeal. [ + to infinitive ] He was gratified to see how well his students had done. Causing pleasure.

What is gratify and satisfy? ›

To gratify is to satisfy. Bringing home an A in math would gratify your math tutor. Gratify can also mean to give in. You probably shouldn't gratify your urge to scream in class. Gratify comes from the Latin gratificari, "oblige," and gratus, "pleasing." The word still carries those meanings.

What is the adjective of gratify? ›

gratifying. / (ˈɡrætɪˌfaɪɪŋ) / adjective. giving one satisfaction or pleasure.

What part of speech is gratify? ›

verb (used with object), grat·i·fied, grat·i·fy·ing.

What's the opposite of gratify? ›

Note:Antonyms are the words that are opposite to each other i.e. antonym of gratify is frustrate, and synonyms are the words that are similar in meaning.

What are 10 good sentences? ›

10 Good Sentences That Can Change Your Child's Life
  • “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” -Robert Frost.
  • “Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough to let go.” – Anonymous.
  • “A happy family is but an earlier heaven” – George Bernard Shaw.
Feb 10, 2016

What is a sentence simple answer? ›

In simple terms, a sentence is a set of words that contain: a subject (what the sentence is about, the topic of the sentence), and. a predicate (what is said about the subject)

How do I make a good sentence? ›

6 Tips for Writing Good Sentences
  1. Keep it simple. Long sentences or overly complex sentences don't necessarily make sophisticated sentence writing. ...
  2. Use concrete rhetoric. ...
  3. Employ parallelism. ...
  4. Mind your grammar. ...
  5. Properly punctuate. ...
  6. Practice writing.
Jan 28, 2022

How do we make a sentence? ›

A sentence follows Subject + Verb + Object word order. He (subject) obtained (verb) his degree (object).

What is a full sentence? ›

A complete sentence has to have a subject and a verb, and the verb has to be a "finite": A sentence with its main verb in an '-ing' form will not be a complete sentence. *Marge swimming. A sentence with its main verb in an infinitive form ("to" + verb) will not be a complete sentence. *Homer to swim.

What is gratify as a noun? ›

gratification. / (ˌɡrætɪfɪˈkeɪʃən) / noun. the act of gratifying or the state of being gratified. something that gratifies.

What is sense of gratification? ›

Gratification is the pleasurable emotional reaction of happiness in response to a fulfillment of a desire or goal. It is also identified as a response stemming from the fulfillment of social needs such as affiliation, socializing, social approval, and mutual recognition.

What is the adverb of gratify? ›

/ˈɡrætɪfaɪɪŋli/ (formal) ​in a way that gives pleasure and makes you feel satisfied. This year, gratifyingly, we have made a small profit.

Does gratified mean happy? ›

Definition of gratified. as in delighted. experiencing pleasure, satisfaction, or delight I am deeply gratified that you'll be able to come to the wedding.

What is a synonym for gratifyingly? ›

synonyms for gratifying

On this page you'll find 63 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to gratifying, such as: delightful, enjoyable, pleasant, and pleasing.

What is the opposite of self gratification? ›

Most relevant. economy. moderation. saving.

What is an antonym for instant gratification? ›

The opposite of instant gratification is delayed gratification. Delayed gratification is the resisting of the immediate fulfillment of a desire in hopes of either increasing fulfillment later or obtaining a better outcome.

What is an example of a 3 sentence? ›

I dashed home, went in the house and told my dad. The great Iron man lifted his great iron foot, stepped in to the air and fell. First of all, the Iron man ate some tractors, went home and got trapped.

How can I use make in a sentence? ›

[M] [T] I'm going to make a cake for Mary's birthday. [M] [T] He tried to make his wife happy, but couldn't. [M] [T] I asked her to make four copies of the letter. [M] [T] I checked to make sure that he was still alive.

Is a 30 word sentence OK? ›

Sentences are usually between 15–20 words. Thirty words is a long sentence and should be considered the maximum. Short sentences can quickly and reliably relay information. However, varying sentence length is important because sentences of the same length can be monotonous and bore your reader.

What's a short sentence? ›

A VERY SHORT SENTENCE is a sentence or sentence fragment of no more than five words, used to add suspense, action or simply punch to a piece of text.

What is the example of 1 sentence? ›

Examples of Simple Sentence in English. Emma is writing a letter. We wake up early in the morning. My brother speaks loudly.

What are the 7 types of sentences? ›

Answers for Exercise 1
  • Imperative Sentence.
  • Interrogative Sentence.
  • Declarative Sentence.
  • Interrogative Sentence.
  • Exclamatory Sentence.
  • Imperative Sentence.
  • Declarative Sentence.
  • Imperative Sentence.

How do I start my sentence? ›

10 Tips for Starting a Sentence
  1. Consider your central theme. Before you get started constructing a sentence, consider what your essential point is. ...
  2. Examine the previous sentence. ...
  3. Use transition words. ...
  4. Use a preposition. ...
  5. Try a subject opener. ...
  6. Try a clausal opener. ...
  7. Use an “ing” word. ...
  8. Use an “ed” word.
Sep 7, 2021

What is the best sentence to start? ›

Good sentence starters for sequences or lists
  • First . . . , Second . . . , Third . . ., etc.
  • Next . . .
  • Then . . .
  • Subsequently . . .
  • After that . . .
  • Afterwards . . .
  • Eventually . . .
  • Later . . .
Jun 2, 2022

How long is a 5 sentence? ›

The ideal length of a paragraph is 100-200 words with a maximum number of 5 sentences. This allows the readers to get a good grasp of what the topic is about. An ideal paragraph consists of an introductory sentence, 2-3 supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

What is another word for please? ›

Synonyms of please
  • delight.
  • satisfy.
  • warm.
  • glad.
  • feast.
  • entertain.
  • agree (with)
  • rejoice.

What is a synonym for please kindly provide? ›

  • politely.
  • agreeably.
  • cordially.
  • graciously.
  • tenderly.
  • thoughtfully.

What is a synonym for like to please? ›

synonyms for eager to please

Most relevant. accommodating. willing. agreeable. amiable.

What is a synonym for highly gratifying? ›

synonyms for gratifying

On this page you'll find 63 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to gratifying, such as: delightful, enjoyable, pleasant, and pleasing.


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