Use "Gratified" In A Sentence (2023)

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(1)The warm sungratifiedmy skin.

(2)His hard workgratifiedhis boss.

(3)I amgratifiedby your kind words.

(4)The kind gesturegratifiedmy soul.

(5)I feelgratifiedwhen I help others.

(6)I wasgratifiedwhen I won the game.

(7)Winning the gamegratifiedthe team.

(8)I wasgratifiedwhen I got a new pet.

(9)I wasgratifiedto see my garden grow.

(10)The beautiful sunsetgratifiedmy awe.

Sentence For "Gratified"

(11)The delicious mealgratifiedmy hunger.

(12)The new jobgratifiedher career goals.

(13)The beautiful sunsetgratifiedmy eyes.

(14)The peaceful silencegratifiedmy mind.

(15)The peaceful silencegratifiedmy ears.

(16)The beautiful sunsetgratifiedour eyes.

(17)The beautiful scenerygratifiedmy eyes.

(18)The thoughtful giftgratifiedher heart.

(19)I feelgratifiedwhen I read a good book.

(20)I feelgratifiedwhen I play with my dog.

"Gratified" In A Sentence

(21)I wasgratifiedto see my friend succeed.

(22)The exciting newsgratifiedmy curiosity.

(23)The positive feedbackgratifiedthe team.

(24)The refreshing drinkgratifiedmy thirst.

(25)The supportive friendgratifiedmy trust.

(26)I feelgratifiedwhen I make a new friend.

(27)The warm weathergratifiedthe beachgoers.

(28)The helpful advicegratifiedmy confusion.

(29)I feelgratifiedwhen I finish my homework.

(30)I wasgratifiedwhen I learned how to swim.

"Gratified" Sentence

(31)The warm sungratifiedmy desire for a tan.

(32)The new outfitgratifiedher fashion sense.

(33)The new bookgratifiedmy love for reading.

(34)The teacher's praisegratifiedthe student.

(35)The exciting adventuregratifiedmy thrill.

(36)I feelgratifiedwhen I learn something new.

(37)I wasgratifiedto see my hard work pay off.

(38)The new cargratifiedhis desire for luxury.

(39)The warm hug from my momgratifiedmy heart.

(40)The successful projectgratifiedmy efforts.

"Gratified" Sentence Examples

(41)I wasgratifiedto receive an A on my essay.

(42)The comfortable bedgratifiedmy tired body.

(43)The inspiring storygratifiedmy motivation.

(44)The kind words from her friendgratifiedher.

(45)The good bookgratifiedhis love for reading.

(46)The kind complimentgratifiedmy self-esteem.

(47)I feelgratifiedwhen I make my friends laugh.

(48)I feelgratifiedwhen I draw a pretty picture.

(49)I wasgratifiedto see my parents proud of me.

(50)Winning the gamegratifiedthe team's efforts.

Sentence With "Gratified"

(51)The new bookgratifiedthe reader's curiosity.

(52)The sincere apologygratifiedher forgiveness.

(53)The generous donationgratifiedtheir charity.

(54)He wasgratifiedto see his hard work pay off.

(55)She wasgratifiedto finally achieve her goal.

(56)I wasgratifiedwhen I got a trophy for soccer.

(57)The surprise partygratifiedthe birthday girl.

(58)The promotiongratifiedhis career aspirations.

(59)The good newsgratifiedtheir hopes and dreams.

(60)The delicious dessertgratifiedmy sweet tooth.

Use "Gratified" In A Sentence

(61)The kind words from a friendgratifiedmy soul.

(62)The successful outcomegratifiedtheir efforts.

(63)The positive attitudegratifiedtheir optimism.

(64)The scholarship awardgratifiedme beyond words.

(65)I wasgratifiedto see my dog learn a new trick.

(66)The athlete wasgratifiedby the team's victory.

(67)I wasgratifiedto receive an A on my math test.

(68)Winning the gamegratifiedthe team's hard work.

(69)The delicious dessertgratifiedour sweet tooth.

(70)The kind words from my friendgratifiedmy soul.

Sentence Using "Gratified"

(71)She wasgratifiedby the success of her project.

(72)The beautiful artworkgratifiedmy appreciation.

(73)The peaceful atmospheregratifiedmy relaxation.

(74)The helpful tutorialgratifiedmy understanding.

(75)She feltgratifiedafter completing the project.

(76)The athlete wasgratifiedby his team's victory.

(77)I feltgratifiedwhen I received an A on my test.

(78)The new toygratifiedthe child's desire to play.

(79)The relaxing vacationgratifiedmy need for rest.

(80)I wasgratifiedto receive an A on my final exam.

Sentences With "Gratified"

(81)The challenging taskgratifiedhis determination.

(82)I wasgratifiedwith the results of my final exam.

(83)The promotiongratifiedthe employee's dedication.

(84)The clean housegratifiedthe homeowner's efforts.

(85)The new jobgratifiedthe employee's career goals.

(86)The new phonegratifiedhis desire for technology.

(87)The supportive friendsgratifiedher social needs.

(88)The kind gesture from a strangergratifiedmy day.

(89)The employee wasgratifiedto receive a promotion.

(90)I wasgratifiedwhen I got a good grade on my test.

Sentence Of "Gratified"

(91)I wasgratifiedwhen I learned how to ride my bike.

(92)I wasgratifiedwhen I learned how to tie my shoes.

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(93)I feltgratifiedwhen I finished my homework early.

(94)The musician wasgratifiedby the standing ovation.

(95)The doctor wasgratifiedby the patient's recovery.

(96)The student wasgratifiedby the scholarship award.

(97)The gardener wasgratifiedby the blooming flowers.

(98)The warm weathergratifiedour desire for sunshine.

(99)The new petgratifiedthe owner's love for animals.

(100)The vacationgratifiedtheir desire for relaxation.

"Gratified" Sentences

(101)The beautiful flowersgratifiedmy love for nature.

(102)The beautiful musicgratifiedmy love for the arts.

(103)The supportive communitygratifiedtheir hard work.

(104)I wasgratifiedto see my sibling do well in school.

(105)I wasgratifiedto see my team win the championship.

(106)The athlete wasgratifiedby his personal best time.

(107)The traveler wasgratifiedby the beautiful scenery.

(108)The customer wasgratifiedby the excellent service.

(109)The teacher wasgratifiedby the students' progress.

(110)The new cameragratifiedthe photographer's passion.

"Gratified" Use In Sentence

(111)The successful projectgratifiedthe team's efforts.

(112)The supportive familygratifiedher emotional needs.

(113)The clean housegratifiedher need for organization.

(114)The athlete wasgratifiedto break the world record.

(115)The beautiful scenerygratifiedthe hiker's journey.

(116)The promotiongratifiedthe employee's career goals.

(117)The doctor wasgratifiedto see her patient recover.

(118)The farmer wasgratifiedto see a bountiful harvest.

(119)I feltgratifiedafter completing my research paper.

(120)The teacher wasgratifiedby her students' progress.

Sentence On "Gratified"

(121)We weregratifiedto receive such positive feedback.

(122)The volunteer wasgratifiedby the impact they made.

(123)The team wasgratifiedby their hard-earned victory.

(124)The teacher wasgratifiedby the students' hard work.

(125)The teacher wasgratifiedby her students' hard work.

(126)I wasgratifiedto receive a compliment from my boss.

(127)The artist wasgratifiedby the sale of her painting.

(128)The successful projectgratifiedthe group's efforts.

(129)The new outfitgratifiedthe shopper's fashion sense.

(130)The new cargratifiedthe driver's desire for luxury.

"Gratified" Example

(131)The new petgratifiedtheir desire for companionship.

(132)The feeling of accomplishmentgratifiedmy hard work.

(133)The positive feedback from my bossgratifiedmy work.

(134)The athlete wasgratifiedto break a personal record.

(135)The parent wasgratifiedto see their child graduate.

(136)The audience wasgratifiedby the performer's talent.

(137)He will begratifiedwith the recognition he deserves.

(138)The chef wasgratifiedwhen everyone enjoyed his meal.

(139)The artist wasgratifiedwhen people admired her work.

(140)The author wasgratifiedwhen people enjoyed her book.

"Gratified" In Sentence

(141)I wasgratifiedto see my friend overcome a challenge.

(142)The parent wasgratifiedby the child's good behavior.

(143)The artist wasgratifiedby the sale of their artwork.

(144)The new bikegratifiedthe rider's love for adventure.

(145)The new homegratifiedtheir desire for a fresh start.

(146)The doctor wasgratifiedto see their patient recover.

(147)The traveler wasgratifiedto experience new cultures.

(148)The teacher wasgratifiedto see her students succeed.

(149)The coach wasgratifiedto see his team work together.

(150)The successful negotiationgratifiedtheir compromise.

"Gratified" Sentences In English

(151)I amgratifiedto have received an A on my final exam.

(152)The customer wasgratifiedwith the excellent service.

(153)He will begratifiedwith the outcome of his hard work.

(154)I wasgratifiedto receive a compliment from my friend.

(155)The musician wasgratifiedwhen the audience applauded.

(156)The positive feedbackgratifiedthe artist's hard work.

(157)The new hobbygratifiedhis desire for a new challenge.

(158)The athlete wasgratifiedto win the championship game.

(159)The volunteer wasgratifiedby the impact of their work.

(160)The musician wasgratifiedby the audience's enthusiasm.

Make Sentence With "Gratified"

(161)Winning the championship gamegratifiedthe entire team.

(162)The gardener wasgratifiedto see their plants thriving.

(163)Winning the championshipgratifiedthe team's hard work.

(164)The entrepreneur wasgratifiedto see her business grow.

(165)He wasgratifiedto be recognized for his contributions.

(166)They will begratifiedwith the success of their project.

(167)I wasgratifiedto see my team win the championship game.

(168)The chef wasgratifiedby the compliments on his cooking.

(169)The scientist wasgratifiedby the successful experiment.

(170)The coach wasgratifiedby the team's effort in practice.

Sentences Using "Gratified"

(171)The new phonegratifiedthe user's desire for technology.

(172)The beautiful scenerygratifiedour desire for adventure.

(173)The supportive communitygratifiedmy sense of belonging.

(174)The exciting adventuregratifiedmy sense of exploration.

(175)The musician wasgratifiedto receive a standing ovation.

(176)The generous donationgratifiedthe charity organization.

(177)She wasgratifiedto have the opportunity to help others.

(178)The team will begratifiedwith the victory they achieved.

(179)The actor wasgratifiedby the applause from the audience.

(180)The teacher wasgratifiedby the progress of her students.

Sentence From "Gratified"

(181)The new video gamegratifiedhis desire for entertainment.

(182)The successful fundraisergratifiedthe charity's mission.

(183)The completion of a bookgratifiedthe reader's curiosity.

(184)The actor wasgratifiedto land a leading role in a movie.

(185)I always feelgratifiedwhen I get a good grade on a test.

(186)The professor's praisegratifiedme after I aced the exam.

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(187)The company's successgratifiedthe hardworking employees.

(188)I will begratifiedwith a simple thank you for my efforts.

(189)We will begratifiedwith the progress we have made so far.

(190)We will begratifiedwith the results of our collaboration.

(191)Winning the scholarship made Emily actgratifiedand proud.

(192)The dancer wasgratifiedby the applause from the audience.

(193)The supportive communitygratifiedthe volunteer's efforts.

(194)The delicious meal at a restaurantgratifiedmy taste buds.

(195)The athlete wasgratifiedwhen he broke his personal record.

(196)The actor wasgratifiedwhen he received a standing ovation.

(197)I wasgratifiedto see my artwork on display in the gallery.

(198)The employee wasgratifiedby the recognition from the boss.

(199)The donor wasgratifiedby the impact of their contribution.

(200)The successful fundraisergratifiedour goal to help others.

(201)The actor wasgratifiedto win an award for his performance.

(202)The engineer wasgratifiedto see their design come to life.

(203)He wasgratifiedabout the positive response to his new book.

(204)The professor's praisegratifiedmy hard work and dedication.

(205)The author wasgratifiedby the positive reviews of her book.

(206)I wasgratifiedto see my hard work pay off with a promotion.

(207)The completion of the puzzlegratifiedthe solver's patience.

(208)The completion of the essaygratifiedthe writer's hard work.

(209)The scientist wasgratifiedto make a breakthrough discovery.

(210)The entrepreneur wasgratifiedto see their business succeed.

(211)The successful recoverygratifiedthe patient's perseverance.

(212)I wasgratifiedto see my parents proud of my accomplishments.

(213)The scientist wasgratifiedby the discovery of a new species.

(214)The entrepreneur wasgratifiedby the success of his business.

(215)The successful fundraisergratifiedthe organizer's hard work.

(216)The kind words from a mentorgratifiedmy desire for guidance.

(217)The chef wasgratifiedto see his customers enjoying his food.

(218)The parent wasgratifiedto see their child succeed in school.

(219)The athlete wasgratifiedto win a gold medal at the Olympics.

(220)The completion of a marathongratifiedthe runner's endurance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For "Gratified" | "Gratified" Sentence

(221)The employee wasgratifiedby the recognition from their boss.

(222)She will begratifiedwith the positive feedback from her boss.

(223)The completion of my thesisgratifiedmy academic perseverance.

(224)The successful job interview made the job seeker actgratified.

(225)I wasgratifiedto see my friends enjoying the party I planned.

(226)I wasgratifiedto see my hard work pay off with a scholarship.

(227)The completion of the marathongratifiedthe runner's training.

(228)The successful businessgratifiedtheir entrepreneurial spirit.

(229)The beautiful artworkgratifiedmy appreciation for creativity.

(230)The student wasgratifiedto receive a scholarship for college.

(231)The athlete wasgratifiedto be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

(232)The completion of a paintinggratifiedthe artist's creativity.

(233)The therapist wasgratifiedto see their patient make progress.

(234)The writer wasgratifiedto see their book become a bestseller.

(235)The professor's feedbackgratifiedmy hard work on the project.

(236)The artist wasgratifiedby the positive reception of her work.

(237)He wasgratifiedto have the support of his friends and family.

(238)The doctor wasgratifiedto see her patient's health improving.

(239)We were allgratifiedabout the successful outcome of the event.

(240)The volunteer wasgratifiedwhen she saw the impact of her work.

How Do You Write A Good Sentence With "Gratified"?

(241)The student wasgratifiedwhen she received an A on her project.

(242)The beautiful artworkgratifiedour appreciation for creativity.

(243)The kind act of volunteeringgratifiedmy desire to help others.

(244)The kind message from a friendgratifiedmy need for connection.

(245)The artist wasgratifiedto see her work displayed in a gallery.

(246)The author wasgratifiedto see her book on the bestseller list.

(247)The artist wasgratifiedto sell their artwork at an exhibition.

(248)The parent wasgratifiedto see their child achieve their goals.

(249)The positive feedback from the audiencegratifiedthe performer.

(250)The completion of a renovationgratifiedthe homeowner's vision.

(251)The successful adoptiongratifiedthe family's love for a child.

(252)The student wasgratifiedto receive an A on her difficult exam.

(253)The parent wasgratifiedto see her child graduate from college.

(254)The chef wasgratifiedby the positive reviews of his restaurant.

(255)The completion of the paintinggratifiedthe artist's creativity.

(256)The completion of the projectgratifiedthe team's collaboration.

(257)The successful performancegratifiedour hard work in rehearsals.

(258)I wasgratifiedto have been chosen to present at the conference.

(259)I am sogratifiedabout the progress we have made on this project.

(260)The opportunity to study abroadgratifiedmy desire for adventure.

English Sentences With Audio Using The Word "Gratified".

(261)The recognition for my academic achievementsgratifiedmy parents.

(262)The positive feedback from my mentorgratifiedmy personal growth.

(263)After acing her final exam, Sarah couldn't help but actgratified.

(264)The artist wasgratifiedby the positive feedback on her painting.

(265)The completion of the renovationgratifiedthe homeowner's vision.

(266)The completion of the recipegratifiedthe chef's culinary skills.

(267)The charity eventgratifiedthe community's desire to help others.

(268)The actor wasgratifiedto receive an award for their performance.

(269)The musician wasgratifiedto have their song played on the radio.

(270)The recognition from the bossgratifiedthe employee's dedication. Online Free Dictionary

(271)The author wasgratifiedto receive positive reviews for her book.

(272)The teacher wasgratifiedby her student's improvement in reading.

(273)The artist wasgratifiedto see her painting hanging in a gallery.

(274)The actor wasgratifiedby the positive reviews of his performance.

(275)The teacher wasgratifiedto see her students improve their grades.

(276)The positive feedback from a mentorgratifiedthe student's growth.

(277)The volunteer wasgratifiedto make a difference in someone's life.

(278)The designer wasgratifiedto see their fashion line on the runway.

(279)The neophyte volunteer feltgratifiedafter serving at the shelter.

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(280)The professor wasgratifiedwith the quality of our research papers.

How To Use "Gratified" With Example Sentences.

(281)The high grade on the research paper made the student actgratified.

(282)The student wasgratifiedto have been selected for the scholarship.

(283)She will begratifiedwith the support she received from her friends.

(284)He wasgratifiedabout the recognition he received for his hard work.

(285)The completion of the capstone project made the senior actgratified.

(286)The completion of the thesis made the graduate student actgratified.

(287)The completion of the degree program made the graduate actgratified.

(288)The musician wasgratifiedby the standing ovation from the audience.

(289)The teacher wasgratifiedby the students' enthusiasm for the lesson.

(290)The successful negotiationgratifiedthe diplomat's diplomacy skills.

(291)He wrote a novel, and itgratifiedhim to see it become a bestseller.

(292)The kind words from her friendgratifiedher during a difficult time.

(293)The pet owner wasgratifiedto see her dog finally learn a new trick.

(294)The dean's recognition made the student council members actgratified.

(295)The philanthropist wasgratifiedto see the impact of their donations.

(296)The writer wasgratifiedto see their article published in a magazine.

(297)The support from family and friendsgratifiedthe athlete's hard work.

(298)We weregratifiedto see the community come together for a good cause.

(299)The gardener wasgratifiedto see her plants thriving in the sunlight.

(300)The teacher wasgratifiedby the student's creativity in their project.

(301)The new relationshipgratifiedtheir desire for love and companionship.

(302)The chef wasgratifiedto receive a positive review from a food critic.

(303)The positive impact on the communitygratifiedthe volunteer's service.

(304)The recognition from a prestigious awardgratifiedthe artist's talent.

(305)The recognition for community service made the volunteer actgratified.

(306)The successful completion of a difficult taskgratifiedmy perseverance.

(307)The completion of a difficult taskgratifiedmy sense of accomplishment.

(308)The completion of a challenging puzzlegratifiedthe solver's intellect.

(309)The professor wasgratifiedby the high level of participation in class.

(310)He wasgratifiedby the recognition he received, yet he remained humble.

(311)The acceptance into the honors programgratifiedmy academic excellence.

(312)The completion of a challenging coursegratifiedmy academic resilience.

(313)The standing ovation from the audience made the performer actgratified.

(314)The successful business venturegratifiedthe entrepreneur's risk-taking.

(315)He trained for months, and itgratifiedhim to win the championship race.

(316)The athlete's hard work and dedicationgratifiedhis coach and teammates.

(317)She wasgratifiedabout the positive feedback she received from her boss.

(318)I wasgratifiedto have been able to overcome my fear of public speaking.

(319)I wasgratifiedto see my community come together to support a good cause.

(320)The musician wasgratifiedto have their song reach the top of the charts.

(321)She wasgratifiedto have the chance to learn from such a talented mentor.

(322)The musician wasgratifiedto hear the audience singing along to his song.

(323)The customer wasgratifiedto receive excellent service at the restaurant.

(324)The professor's praise made John actgratifiedin front of his classmates.

(325)The positive evaluation from the supervisor made the intern actgratified.

(326)The completion of a long-term goalgratifiedthe individual's perseverance.

(327)The student wasgratifiedto have been recognized for their volunteer work.

(328)I wasgratifiedto have been able to learn a new language while in college.

(329)The professor's feedback on my essaygratifiedmy hard work and dedication.

(330)The organization wasgratifiedby the success of their fundraising efforts.

(331)The employee wasgratifiedto receive a promotion after years of hard work.

(332)The positive feedback from my peersgratifiedmy efforts in group projects.

(333)The publication of my research papergratifiedmy academic accomplishments.

(334)The successful completion of the internship made the student actgratified.

(335)The successful completion of a projectgratifiedmy sense of accomplishment.

(336)The entrepreneur wasgratifiedto see their product become a household name.

(337)He wasgratifiedabout the opportunity to work on such an important project.

(338)The professor wasgratifiedto see the improvement in the student's writing.

(339)The professor's approval of my thesis topicgratifiedmy research interests.

(340)We weregratifiedto have received the award, and we thanked our supporters.

(341)The acceptance into the study abroad program made the student actgratified.

(342)The kind gesture from a family membergratifiedmy sense of love and support.

(343)The positive feedback from a customergratifiedthe business owner's service.

(344)The artist wasgratifiedto have their work featured in a prestigious museum.

(345)They will begratifiedwith the appreciation they received from the audience.

(346)She wasgratifiedabout the support she received from her friends and family.

(347)They weregratifiedabout the impact their charity work had on the community.

(348)The professor's engaging teaching stylegratifiedmy interest in the subject.

(349)The acceptance letter from the universitygratifiedthe student's aspirations.

(350)The professor's encouragementgratifiedmy confidence in my writing abilities.

(351)She wasgratifiedto have found a job she loved, and she was excited to start.

(352)The teacher wasgratifiedto see her students apply what they learned in class.

(353)The positive impact on the environmentgratifiedthe conservationist's efforts.

(354)I wasgratifiedto have been able to help my classmates with their assignments.

(355)She wasgratifiedto have learned a new skill, and she couldn't wait to use it.

(356)The acceptance into a prestigious graduate programgratifiedmy academic goals.

(357)The volunteer wasgratifiedto see the impact of their service on the community.

(358)She wasgratifiedabout the improvement in her health after months of treatment.

(359)He wasgratifiedto have the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.

(360)I amgratifiedthat I passed my exam, but I still need to work harder next time. Online Free Dictionary

(361)The traveler wasgratifiedto finally reach her destination after a long journey.

(362)He wasgratifiedto have found his passion, and he pursued it with all his heart.

(363)The acceptance letter from the graduate program made the applicant actgratified.

(364)She saved up for a down payment, and itgratifiedher to finally buy her own home.

(365)She worked hard on her business, and itgratifiedher to see it become successful.

(366)Although I was exhausted, the sight of my daughter's smilegratifiedme immensely.

(367)The opportunity to work with a renowned professorgratifiedmy academic curiosity.

(368)The student wasgratifiedto have received positive feedback on their presentation.

(369)The professor wasgratifiedto see the students engaging in meaningful discussions.

(370)The student wasgratifiedto have been able to complete their degree in four years.

(371)They weregratifiedto have completed the project on time, but they were exhausted.

(372)Although she was exhausted, she feltgratifiedthat she had completed the marathon.

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(373)We were allgratifiedabout the teamwork and collaboration that led to our success.

(374)She studied abroad, and itgratifiedher to learn about new cultures and languages.

(375)He studied for his medical degree, and itgratifiedhim to finally become a doctor.

(376)The opportunity to participate in a research studygratifiedmy academic interests.

(377)The successful presentation at the conference made the research team actgratified.

(378)The professor wasgratifiedto see the students taking initiative in their learning.

(379)She wasgratifiedto see her hard work pay off, and she celebrated with her friends.

(380)He wasgratifiedto have made a difference in someone's life, and he felt fulfilled.

(381)He trained for years, and itgratifiedhim to finally become a professional athlete.

(382)The chance to present my research at a conferencegratifiedmy academic aspirations.

(383)The opportunity to attend a prestigious conferencegratifiedmy academic networking.

(384)The recognition for academic excellence made the honor society member actgratified.

(385)The student wasgratifiedto have been able to participate in a study abroad program.

(386)The positive feedback from my internship supervisorgratifiedmy professional skills.

(387)The successful defense of the dissertation made the doctoral candidate actgratified.

(388)She saved up for months, and itgratifiedher to finally be able to buy her dream car.

(389)The positive feedback from the professor made the group project members actgratified.

(390)The professor wasgratifiedto see the students applying the concepts learned in class.

(391)The professor's recommendation for a summer internshipgratifiedmy career aspirations.

(392)The warm weathergratifiedthe beachgoers who were looking forward to a day in the sun.

(393)The volunteer wasgratifiedto see the smiles on the children's faces at the orphanage.

(394)He wasgratifiedto see that his hard work had paid off when he received the promotion.

(395)I wasgratifiedto have been able to balance my academic and extracurricular activities.

(396)The professor's constructive criticismgratifiedmy desire to improve my writing skills.

(397)We weregratifiedto hear the positive feedback, so we continued to improve our product.

(398)He wasgratifiedto have been chosen for the team, and he was determined to do his best.

(399)The politician wasgratifiedto see their policies positively affect their constituents.

(400)The professor's willingness to answer questionsgratifiedmy curiosity about the subject.

(401)The environmentalist wasgratifiedto see their efforts to protect the planet paying off.

(402)The award for outstanding leadership made the student government president actgratified.

(403)The professor's encouragement to pursue a graduate degreegratifiedmy academic potential.

(404)We weregratifiedto have won the competition, but we knew we couldn't let our guard down.

(405)He studied for hours, and itgratifiedhim to see his hard work pay off with a good grade.

(406)He saved up for years, and itgratifiedhim to finally be able to take his dream vacation.

(407)They weregratifiedto have reached their fundraising goal, so they could help more people.

(408)The team wasgratifiedto have won the championship, despite the many obstacles they faced.

(409)The acceptance into a competitive internship programgratifiedmy professional development.

(410)The professor wasgratifiedto see the students collaborating effectively on group projects.

(411)She exercised every day, and itgratifiedher to see her body become stronger and healthier.

(412)She wasgratifiedto have made a difference in her community, and she continued to volunteer.

(413)She worked overtime all week, and itgratifiedher to see her paycheck reflect her hard work.

(414)He worked on his art for months, and itgratifiedhim to see his work displayed in a gallery.

(415)She worked on her garden all summer, and itgratifiedher to see the beautiful flowers bloom.

(416)The professor's recognition of my hard work and dedicationgratifiedmy academic achievements.

(417)The teacher wasgratifiedto see her students apply what they learned in real-life situations.

(418)She volunteered at the animal shelter, and itgratifiedher to see the dogs find loving homes.

(419)The student wasgratifiedto have been able to secure an internship with a prestigious company.

(420)The recognition for my leadership skillsgratifiedmy involvement in extracurricular activities.

(421)Despite the setbacks, the company wasgratifiedto have achieved its financial goals for the year.

(422)The volunteers weregratifiedto see the positive impact their efforts had on the local community.

(423)They weregratifiedto have solved the problem, but they knew there would be more challenges ahead.

(424)The recognition for my volunteer workgratifiedmy desire to make a positive impact in my community.

(425)He practiced his guitar every day, and itgratifiedhim to finally be able to play his favorite song.

(426)The students weregratifiedto receive high marks on their exams, knowing they had studied diligently.

(427)He volunteered at a homeless shelter, and itgratifiedhim to see the impact he made on people's lives.

(428)She practiced her dance routine every day, and itgratifiedher to perform in front of a large audience.

(429)The professor wasgratifiedto see the students applying critical thinking skills to real-world problems.

(430)The team wasgratifiedto have been selected to represent their country in the international competition.

(431)Although the project was challenging, the team wasgratifiedto have completed it on time and within budget.

(432)Although the journey was long and arduous, the hiker wasgratifiedto have reached the summit of the mountain.

(433)Despite the criticism, the author wasgratifiedto have published her book and shared her story with the world.

(434)He wasgratifiedto have been able to repair the antique car, even though it required a lot of time and effort.

(435)She wasgratifiedto have been chosen for the lead role in the play, even though it required a lot of preparation.

(436)The artist wasgratifiedto see her work displayed in a prestigious gallery, knowing it would reach a wider audience.

(437)Despite the rainy weather, the hiker wasgratifiedto reach the summit of the mountain and take in the breathtaking view.

(438)He wasgratifiedto have been recognized for his contributions to the community, even though he had not sought recognition.

(439)He wasgratifiedto have finally completed his degree, but he knew that the real challenge would be finding a job in his field.

(440)The author wasgratifiedto see her book become a bestseller, but she knew that success was not guaranteed for her next project.

(441)The artist wasgratifiedto see her work displayed in a prestigious gallery, but she knew that she still had room for improvement.

(442)She wasgratifiedto have been able to help her friend through a difficult time, even though it required a lot of emotional support.

(443)The teacher wasgratifiedto see her students' progress throughout the semester, but she knew that there was still more work to be done.

(444)The politician wasgratifiedto see her bill pass through Congress, but she knew that there would be opposition from the opposing party.

(445)Despite the setbacks they faced, the team wasgratifiedto have made it to the championship game, and they were determined to give it their all.

(446)The entrepreneur wasgratifiedto see her business grow and expand, but she knew that she needed to stay vigilant and adapt to changes in the market.

(447)He wasgratifiedto have been recognized for his contributions to the company, but he knew that there was still more he could do to make a difference.

(448)She wasgratifiedto see the progress her students had made over the course of the semester, and she knew that their hard work would pay off in the end.

(449)She wasgratifiedto have been chosen for the lead role in the play, but she knew that it would require a lot of hard work and dedication to pull it off.

(450)The athlete's hard work and dedicationgratifiedher when she won the championship, but she knew that she couldn't have done it without her team's support. Online Free Dictionary

(451)The parents weregratifiedto see their children getting along and playing nicely together, but they knew that sibling rivalry could still rear its ugly head.

(452)Although she was nervous about the interview, she wasgratifiedto have been offered the job, and she knew that it was the perfect opportunity to advance her career.

(453)Despite the challenges they faced, the couple wasgratifiedto have built a successful business together, and they knew that their partnership was stronger than ever.

(454)Although he had always dreamed of being a musician, he wasgratifiedto have found success in a different career, and he knew that he could still pursue his passion in his free time.

(455)Although she was exhausted from the long day at work, she wasgratifiedto see her children waiting for her at home, and she knew that their love would give her the energy to keep going.

(456)Despite the criticism they received, the team wasgratifiedto have stuck to their principles and played with integrity, and they knew that they had earned the respect of their opponents.

Learning English Faster Through Complete Sentences With "Gratified"

Sentences are everywhere.
Without sentences, language doesn’t really work.

When you first started learning English, you may have memorized words such asEnglish meaning of the word "Gratified"; But now that you have a better understanding of the language, there’s a better way for you tolearn meaning of "Gratified" through sentence examples.

True, there are still words that you don’t know. But if you learnwhole sentences with "Gratified", instead of the word "Gratified" by itself, you can learn a lot faster!

Focus Your English Learning On Sentences With "Gratified".

Why Is Focusing on Sentences Important?
Sentences are more than just strings of words. They’re thoughts, ideas and stories. Just like letters build words, words build sentences. Sentences build language, and give it personality.

Again, without sentences, there’s no real communication. If you were only reading words right now, you wouldn’t be able to understand what I’m saying to you at all.

- The Word "Gratified" in Example Sentences.
- "Gratified" in a sentence.
- How to use "Gratified" in a sentence.
- 10 examples of sentences "Gratified".
- 20 examples of simple sentences "Gratified".

All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). The subject is the person or thing that does something or that is described in the sentence. The verb is the action the person or thing takes or the description of the person or thing. If a sentence doesn’t have a subject and a verb, it is not a complete sentence (e.g., In the sentence “Went to bed,” we don’t know who went to bed).

Four Types Of Sentence Structure.

Simple Sentences With "Gratified"

A simple sentence with "Gratified"contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. However, it contains only one independent clause.

Compound Sentences With "Gratified"

A compound sentence with "Gratified"contains at least two independent clauses. These two independent clauses can be combined with a comma and a coordinating conjunction or with a semicolon.

(Video) gratify - pronunciation + Examples in sentences and phrases

Complex Sentences With "Gratified"

A complex sentence with "Gratified"contains at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Dependent clauses can refer to the subject (who, which) the sequence/time (since, while), or the causal elements (because, if) of the independent clause.

Compound-Complex Sentences With "Gratified"

Sentence types can also be combined. Acompound-complex sentence with "Gratified"contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause.


What is a good sentence for gratified? ›

gratified (at something) We were extremely gratified at the number of people who supported us. gratified (to find, hear, see, etc.) She was gratified to find that they had followed her advice.

What does gratified mean in a sentence? ›

Meaning of gratified in English

to please someone, or to satisfy a wish or need: We were gratified by the response to our appeal. [ + to infinitive ] He was gratified to see how well his students had done.

What does I am very gratified mean? ›

Definition of gratified. as in delighted. experiencing pleasure, satisfaction, or delight I am deeply gratified that you'll be able to come to the wedding.

How do you use gratification in a sentence? ›

It's the instant gratification we find so hard to avoid. They are now looking for something more substantial than instant gratification. The problem is one with delayed gratification.

What word can replace gratified? ›


1 please, delight, gladden.

Does gratified mean pleased? ›

If you are gratified by something, it gives you pleasure or satisfaction. [formal] Mr. Dambar was gratified by his response. Synonyms: please, delight, satisfy, thrill More Synonyms of gratify.

Is gratified and grateful the same thing? ›

gratified. Grateful means thankful. Gratified means satisfied or pleased—or, often, pleased to receive something one has worked for or long desired.

What are two synonyms for gratified? ›

  • captivated.
  • charmed.
  • ecstatic.
  • elated.
  • enchanted.
  • entranced.
  • excited.
  • fulfilled.

Is gratifying a feeling? ›

gratifying (formal) that gives you pleasure, especially because it makes you feel that you have done well: It is gratifying to see such good results.

What gratified needs mean? ›

Meaning of gratified in English

to please someone, or to satisfy a wish or need: We were gratified by the response to our appeal.

Is gratifying positive or negative? ›

Depending on the context, gratify can have a negative connotation of indulgence or a neutral or positive connotation (gratified to hear of her friend's recovery).

What is gratification with example? ›

Instant gratification is the immediate desire to feel satisfaction. When someone does something and receives instant positive results, this is considered instant gratification. An example would be a person driving in their car and hearing a commercial about a new flavor of milkshake at a local fast-food chain.

What is the adjective of gratified? ›

gratifying. / (ˈɡrætɪˌfaɪɪŋ) / adjective. giving one satisfaction or pleasure.

What's another word for happy emotions? ›

Elated: Full of high spirits, joy, pride or optimism; very happy. Enraptured: Delight beyond measure. Euphoric: A feeling of great happiness or well-being. Exhilarated: Feeling of happily refreshed and energetic; enliven, made joyful.

What is the vocabulary of gratified? ›

Definitions of gratified. adjective. having received what was desired. Synonyms: pleased. experiencing or manifesting pleasure.

What are the 4 types of gratification? ›

The four categories were: (1) Diversion: escape from routine or problems; emotional release; (2) Personal relationships: companionship; social utility; (3) Personal identity: self reference; reality exploration; value reinforces; and (4) Surveillance (forms of information seeking).

What is the root word for gratifying? ›

Gratify comes from the Latin gratificari, "oblige," and gratus, "pleasing." The word still carries those meanings. Gratify always takes an object, so you have to gratify something or someone. Gratifying praise will make you feel good about all the work you put in on your science project.

What are good sentences examples? ›

Examples of Sentence:
  • Robert was a good king.
  • He had a great army.
  • He wanted to bring peace to his kingdom.
  • There were many others who wanted to become king.
  • They started plotting against him.
  • Their plots were failing because of some trusted friends of the king.
  • Then they started killing those trusted friends.

What is a better sentence for example? ›

Adjective Her second book is better than her first one. This one is no better than that one. She's a better golfer than I am.

What is a great sentence? ›

A great sentence verbalizes ideas clearly and efficiently, establishing effective communication through writing. The content of a sentence and how it's structured determines if it's good—but a complex sentence doesn't necessarily mean it's well-written, and a short sentence can say just as much as a long one.

What is a 5 sentence? ›

Five sentences is usually the maximum guideline for a good paragraph and includes an introductory sentence (or the main idea of a paragraph), one to three supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

What is an example of a 3 sentence? ›

I dashed home, went in the house and told my dad. The great Iron man lifted his great iron foot, stepped in to the air and fell. First of all, the Iron man ate some tractors, went home and got trapped.

What is a sentence simple answer? ›

In simple terms, a sentence is a set of words that contain: a subject (what the sentence is about, the topic of the sentence), and. a predicate (what is said about the subject)

How do we make a sentence? ›

A sentence follows Subject + Verb + Object word order. He (subject) obtained (verb) his degree (object).

How do you use simple sentences? ›

A simple sentence expresses one complete thought and must have a subject and a finite verb. Example: The girl rode her bicycle to school. The first thing to remember is that the subject is always a noun or a pronoun. A simple sentence can have several nouns or pronouns but only one subject.

Can I make a one word sentence? ›

A sentence word (also called a one-word sentence) is a single word that forms a full sentence. Henry Sweet described sentence words as 'an area under one's control' and gave words such as "Come!", "John!", "Alas!", "Yes." and "No." as examples of sentence words.

What is 5 simple positive sentence? ›

1) They are going to plant a tree. 2) Bill will join swimming classes this summer. 3) My sister brought home a very cute puppy.

What are short sentences good for? ›

4 Benefits of Writing Short Sentences
  • Short sentences provide a direct path to your main point. The shortest path between two objects is a straight line. ...
  • Short sentences improve readability. ...
  • Short sentences are more striking. ...
  • Short sentences prevent you from overthinking.
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